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Why Stories?

A story that is well-told is one that gets passed down from generation to generation; it inspires curiosity and makes family history exciting and fun. Family Story Life helps you bring your family stories to life through creative storytelling. Our hope is to inspire all ages to learn how to keep, protect and share the stories of the present and the past in a compelling, fun, and engaging way. We will teach you how to make the stories of your ancestors (and your own personal stories) something that your family will enjoy for generations!

How We Got Started?

For Melia, it all began years ago in a small rural town in Eastern Pennsylvania where the spark to learn more about my family was born. One day, she stumbled upon an old family cemetery from ancestors that served in the Revolutionary War near her home and she has never looked back. Fast forward through years of teaching, training, and cheering others on as they too began their own family story adventure that family story life was created.

For Chad, he has always been inspired by the stories of his ancestors especially his grandfather Boyd Tenney. Chad keeps a picture of his granfather on the wall of his office to inspire him to always work hard and serve people. There is a connection we can feel to our past that is better understood when we know the story behind the photo, video, or dates on a pedigree chart. Chad's love for stories and the ability to create and share them with others through technology will help you stay connected to your loved ones as well.

A One-Two Punch!

With Melia's passion and creativity for family history and Chad's knowledge and skill with technology, we knew we could create something that would be a game-changer for families across the world. Combining our talents, skills, and years of experience, we have created a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

Join us on a journey of discovery as we help you bring your Family Story to Life!
Chad Dike and Melia Rios-Lazo
Founders of Family Story Life

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